patented technology for maximum efficiency

autarkize plant process


the autarkize system uses a wide range of biomasses with a dry mass of +/- 80 % and a grain size smaller than 45 mm


in the first reactor stage the biomass is heated and at the same time
the high-quality pyrolysis gas is purified


in the second reactor stage the biomass is carbonized under exclusion of air at


the autarkize process generates an energy-rich gas and purifies it
in the first reactor stage


at the end of the process, the biomass is turned into high-purity


finally autarkic: a smaller portion of the gas produced in the reactor continues to heat the process
with a burner


even more autarkic: our systems supply 200-1200 kW of gas for the generation of electricity, steam and heat


in addition, autarkize systems provide heat

symbol for filtration

innovative gas purification

symbol For strong

gas with an energy density comparable to biogas

symbol for base load capable

base and peak load capable

the whole thing in figures

INPUT per year
up to
9,000 tons of organic residues
with +/- 80 % dry matter and a grain size smaller than 45 mm
OUTPUT per year
up to
17 GWh green gas + 2.7 GWh waste heat
6.8 GWh electricity + 10.4 GWh heat incl. waste heat*.
1,800 tons of biochar
5,500 tons of CO2 reduction
+ 6,000 tons CO2 avoidance
based on 7500 operating hours and input wood chips (energy content 4 kWh/kg at 80 % dry matter)
*using CHP with efficiency 40 % electric / 40 % thermal

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